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Bradex numbers help

A bradex number is an identification number assigned by the bradford exchange. It will look similar to 84-G20-3.1 where each part represents the [country]-[maker]-[series].[issue]. You may see variations where the country code is missing or other codes have a leading zero, the standard here at Collector Point is to always include the country code and not to use a leading zero.

The bradex search for this site is designed to operate with minimal data, all that you must provide is the maker code and series code. With this information we should be able to locate your plate. If you leave the issue (last field) blank then you will see all plates known in the specified series.

While we try our best to find the bradex number for all plates in our database, there are some that we just don't know yet. If you do not get any results searching with your bradex number then try searching by keywords or browsing by maker, series or item. If you still can't locate it then we probably don't know about it. Members can provide missing information (like the bradex number) or suggest new plates and our staff will get our data updated. So, if you aren't already a member then please consider joining for free and updating us.

When the Bradford Exchange trading floor was still in operation, they published a list of current quotations. If you happen to have some of these, we would be interested in getting copies, simply contact us from your member panel and let us know.