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Plates in the spotlight

1987  Christmas Remembered Sell orders Member Collection
[B0008-PL-0041-5] Quote: $57.00
Limit: Year of issue
Numbered with certificate
Last activity on 03-08-2015

1984  Noel Noel Member Collection
[A0011-PL-0010-1] Issue price: $67.50 Quote: $220.00
Limit: 5,000
Moss, Pat Buckley
Bradex: 22-A3-23.1
Numbered with certificate
Last activity on 02-19-2014

1983  Yom Kippur Sell orders Member Collection Member Wish Member Watch
[R0022-PL-0010-2] Issue price: $250.00 Quote: $640.00
Limit: 7,500
Woods, James
Bradex: 26-R62-17.2
Numbered without certificate
Last activity on 05-24-2017