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Bradex: --.

Plate identification guide

Maker: Knowles China
Series: Thomas Kinkade's Enchanted Cottages
Item: Falbrooke Cottage
Artist: Thomas Kinkade
Limit: 95 firing days
Issue number: 1
Serial: 3270A
Bradex: 84-K41-201.1

This is a fairly straight forward identification, we have all the information we need on the plates back.

In the plate collecting world, the issue number, first issue in this case, refers to the sequence a particular plate item was released in a series. First issue is the first plate, second issue is the second plate, and so on.

Maker: W. S. George
Series: Beloved Hymns of Childhood
Item: Lord's My Shepherd, The
Artist: Cicely Mary Barker
Limit: 150 firing days
Issue number: 1
Year: 1988
Serial: 4484F
Bradex: 84-G20-6.1

Another plate that is easy to identify since the maker provided us with plenty of information.

I would like to take a moment to discuss the bradex number. Bradex numbers where assigned by the Bradford Exchange to help in the identification of plates, just because a plate has a bradex number listed does not mean that Bradford Exchange was the maker.

Bradex numbers can be broken down as follows for this plate,
bradex number 84-G20-6.1

  • 84 is the country code for the United States of America
  • G20 is the makers code for W. S. George
  • 6 is the series number for this maker, Beloved Hymns of Childhood
  • 1 is the issue number for this plate in the series, first issue

Maker: Reco International
Manufacturer: Knowles China
Series: McClelland Children's Circus
Item: Tommy the Clown
Artist: John McClelland
Limit: 100 firing days
Issue number: 1
Year: 1982
Serial: 5888D
Bradex: 84-R60-3.1

Note that the maker in this case is Reco International since they commissioned the plate and the manufacturer is Knowles China since they made the plate. For identification purposes, the maker is normally the entity that produced the plate and not necessarily who physically made the plate.


If only they where all that easy

Maker: Franklin Mint
Series: Jeane Dixon Collection
Item: Crystal Harmony
Serial: LA1354

This plate illustrates some of the most difficult to identify. Franklin Mint often produced plates in a series without specifying the issue or the series. Jeane Dixon was an astrologer and psychic, however she has been wrongly attributed as the artist of this series simply because her signature appears on the back.

We know from further research, the artist is actually Kirk Reinert

Note that this plate is an heirloom recommendation, this is not a series name, it is simply Franklin Mint's stamp of approval.


In difficult cases a certificate always helps

Maker: Franklin Mint
Series: American Folk Art Collection
Item: Rainbow Wedding
Artist: Wooster Scott
Serial: F5119

Note that this plate is from the American Folk Art Collection, this is a series name that has been assigned to works created by several different artists. Here at Collector Point, we split this series down further by having one for each artist.

Maker: Franklin Mint
Series: American Folk Art Collection
Item: Rainbow Wedding
Artist: Jane Wooster Scott
Limit: 45 firing days
Serial: F5119

With the certificate, we can make a better connection where each piece on the plate's back fits.

This plate also is an Heirloom Recommendation, however you would not know it by looking at the plate itself since it is only mentioned in the certificate.