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Member Benefits

We encourage you to sign up as a member to get the most out of Collector Point. The basic membership package is free and you will be able to...

  • Create a list to track the plates in your collection
  • Create your personalized wish list of plates
  • Create your personalized watch list of plates
  • Share your lists with others
  • Join in discussions with other collectors
  • Make suggestion for new or incorrect items
  • Manage your profiles
  • Private messaging with other members
  • View extended quoting
  • Be notified through e-mail when changes are made to plates you are tracking
  • Add your own offers to buy for the price you want (buy orders)
  • Add your own offers to sell and be matched with members intersted in your plate (sell orders)

A premium membership package is available for the low cost of $60.00 a year, just $5.00 a month and you can...

  • Download an e-book of current quotes, customized to the plates your are interested in.
  • Use extended options and templates for displaying sell orders
  • Print an inventory list of your collection
  • Export your collection to a file for import into your favorite spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel
  • Automated matching against sell and buy orders

Coming soon...

  • Storefront for sell orders

We are constantly working hard to improve our members experience here with new features, please consider joining, it will only take a minute.