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Canada Collector Platemakers of Canada

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Annual Show

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1983  6213 at Rest Member Collection
[C0043-PL-0001-1] Quote: $125.00
Limit: 1,000
Xaras, Ted
Bradex: 8-C66-1.1
Numbered with unknown certificate

1984  Land of the Free Sell orders
[C0043-PL-0001-2] Quote: $175.00
Limit: 1,000
Neubacher, Gerda
Bradex: 8-C66-1.2
Numbered with certificate
Last activity on 03-16-2013

1985  Hasting's Mill
[C0043-PL-0001-3] Quote: $50.00
Limit: 1,000
Keirstead, James
Bradex: 8-C66-1.3
Numbered with certificate

1986  Cat's Cradle
[C0043-PL-0001-4] Issue price: $30.00 Quote: $48.00
Limit: 1,000
Peter, Nori
Bradex: 8-C66-1.4
Numbered with certificate

1987  Misty Morning
[C0043-PL-0001-5] Quote: $30.00
Limit: 1,000
Bradex: 8-C66-1.5
Numbered with certificate

1988  Morning Glory
[C0043-PL-0001-6] Quote: $25.00
Limit: 1,000
Bradex: 8-C66-1.6
Numbered with certificate

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