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Unknown Wittnauer Collector's Guild

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American Masterpiece

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Raftsman Playing Cards Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-1] Quote: $25.00
George Caleb Bingham
Numbered without certificate

Childhood of Rapid Transit Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-2] Quote: $18.00
Edward L Henry
Numbered without certificate

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-3] Quote: $20.00
Grant Wood
Numbered without certificate

Central Park Winter Sell orders Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-4] Quote: $31.00
Currier & Ives
Numbered without certificate
Last activity on 01-01-2019

Drafting Declaration of Independence Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-5] Quote: $30.00
J L G Ferris
Numbered without certificate

Manchester Valley Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-6] Quote: $30.00
Joseph Pickett
Numbered without certificate

Scrub Jays Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-7] Quote: $25.00
John James Audubon
Numbered without certificate

Loge, The Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-8] Quote: $30.00
Cassatt, Mary
Numbered without certificate

In the Mowing Sell orders Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-9] Quote: $32.00
Winslow Homer
Numbered without certificate
Last activity on 08-04-2016

Kindred Spirits Member Collection
Asher B. Durand
Numbered without certificate

Dash for Timber Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-11] Quote: $30.00
Remington, Frederic
Numbered without certificate

Purple and Rose: The Lange Lijzen of the Six Marks Member Collection
[W0012-PL-0001-12] Quote: $30.00
James Abbott Mcniell Whistler
Numbered without certificate

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