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La Belle Femme [V0003-PL-0017]
Labrador Pups [I0009-PL-0028]
Lacy [D0016-PL-0003]
Lalique Annual [L0002-PL-0001]
Land of Wonder [B0012-PL-0547]
Landfalls [H0001-PL-0040]
Landmarks [G0019-PL-0001]
Lands of Fable [G0005-PL-0015]
Last Supper [V0003-PL-0005]
Last Warriors [H0005-PL-0158]
Leap of Faith [B0012-PL-0988]
Lee Stroncek [W0008-PL-0037]
Legacy [H0002-PL-0009]
Legends [A0021-PL-0065]
Let's Pretend [P0006-PL-0010]
Leyendecker [R0041-PL-0001]
Life of Christ [B0012-PL-0110]
Life of Christ [F0009-PL-0007]
Life of Christ [H0030-PL-0001]
Life of Jesus [A0021-PL-0016]
Lifemates [B0012-PL-0789]
Lighthouses [B0012-PL-0729]
Lil' Peddlers [H0013-PL-0005]
Lilliput Lane [F0009-PL-0151]
Lion King [B0012-PL-0112]
Litter Basket [M0008-PL-0009]
Litter Rascals [B0012-PL-0113]
Little Angel [R0002-PL-0084]
Little Angels [W0001-PL-0040]
Little Bandits [B0012-PL-0267]
Little Clowns [B0013-PL-0003]
Little Clowns [K0005-PL-0014]
Little Farmers [E0004-PL-0041]
Little Friends [H0001-PL-0075]
Little Hugs [G0006-PL-0014]
Little Ladies [H0005-PL-0055]
Little Men [G0007-PL-0020]
Little Men [K0005-PL-0011]
Little Mermaid [K0009-PL-0066]
Little Mothers [R0038-PL-0001]
Little Orphans [H0001-PL-0034]
Little Pigs [K0011-PL-0009]
Little Rascals [H0005-PL-0258]
Little Women [D0002-PL-0073]
Little Women [R0005-PL-0006]
Little Wonders [R0002-PL-0054]
Littlest, The [C0029-PL-0005]
Living Dolls [C0039-PL-0006]
Living Oasis [H0005-PL-0227]
Locomotives [P0004-PL-0001]
Long Road West [F0002-PL-0022]
Looking Back [G0010-PL-0024]
Looney Tunes [F0009-PL-0061]
Lord Nelson [H0001-PL-0067]
Lord's Prayer [R0010-PL-0001]
Lost Ballparks [B0012-PL-0711]
Love Is [E0004-PL-0019]
Love Marilyn [B0012-PL-0116]
Love Puppies [D0002-PL-0134]
Love Story [E0004-PL-0008]
Love's Prayer [R0010-PL-0016]
Loving Hearts [B0012-PL-0773]
Loving Lucy [H0005-PL-0268]
Lowell Herrero [F0009-PL-0062]
Lueckel Annual [C0044-PL-0005]
Lullabears [B0012-PL-0360]
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