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Hands of Faith [B0012-PL-0930]
Happy Days [K0005-PL-0013]
Happy England [S0013-PL-0021]
Happy Hearts [B0012-PL-0086]
Hard Fruit [B0009-PL-0025]
Harley Girls [W0032-PL-0006]
Harmony [B0012-PL-0087]
Harvest Time [R0013-PL-0023]
Have Faith [B0012-PL-0592]
Heart to Heart [B0012-PL-0088]
Heart's Desire [B0012-PL-0768]
Heartland [A0011-PL-0016]
Hearts of Hope [B0012-PL-0943]
Heartstrings [B0012-PL-0396]
Heaven Blessed [B0012-PL-0933]
Heaven's Grace [B0012-PL-0913]
Heavens Above [M0010-PL-0002]
Heirloom Santa [H0004-PL-0001]
Heritage [B0008-PL-0046]
Heritage [P0022-PL-0007]
Heritage Towns [B0052-PL-0001]
Heroes on Ice [D0013-PL-0019]
Hidden Corners [J0015-PL-0001]
Hidden Images [N0020-PL-0007]
Hideaway Lake [B0012-PL-0265]
Hilda [H0023-PL-0009]
Historical [R0033-PL-0002]
History [L0006-PL-0004]
Hobo Joe [L0012-PL-0022]
Hockey Legends [U0003-PL-0012]
Holbaek [M0044-PL-0002]
Holiday [A0010-PL-0001]
Holiday [W0007-PL-0001]
Holiday Annual [D0026-PL-0002]
Holiday Barbie [E0003-PL-0007]
Holiday Bears [F0009-PL-0046]
Holiday Cats [F0009-PL-0047]
Holiday Dogs [F0009-PL-0048]
Holidays [H0012-PL-0012]
Holly Hobbie [A0008-PL-0003]
Holy Night [C0008-PL-0003]
Home Is [B0012-PL-1101]
Homer's Antics [A0028-PL-0013]
Horse Plate [L0040-PL-0007]
House of Erte [F0009-PL-0111]
Howe Christmas [B0013-PL-0002]
Hummel Annual [G0006-PL-0008]
Hummel Sisters [D0002-PL-0064]
Hummingbirds [H0018-PL-0037]
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